Community accountability around Sexual and Gendered violence and intimate partner violence

the followiing is a list of links provided to me by No One Is Illegal Toronto in how to address gendered and sexual violence that exists within our communities.

I haven’t yet read through most of this but i figured i might as well give everyone else the same opportunity that NOII-Toronto gave to me.

Learning Good Consent

The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities

The Revolution Starts at Home (book based on zine but with new content)

More Resources on Sexual Assault & Community Accountability

Organizations and Projects

INCITE, Women of Color Against Violence:

Transformative Justice Toronto (Toronto)

Philly Stands Up (Philadelphia)

Storytelling & Organizing Project (Oakland)

Challenging Male Supremacy Project (New York City)

For Crying Out Loud (Seattle)